Other Festivals
"Morobe culture festival/ show"
Morobe show which is held in the month of October. It integrates agriculture, commercial and culture activities. Dancing groups from all over PNG participate at the show. The show goes on for 2 days.
"Milne Bay Canoe Festival"
Mile Bay canoe festival is held in the month of November. This is an annual event that promotes local people in the canoe racing and culture activities. Everyone in traditional attires doing their own bit for the festival to see which tribe is the strongest in the province. The festival goes on for 2x days.
"Enga Culture show".
Enga culture show is also an annual event. It is held in the month of August, a week prior to the Mt. Hagen show. The show is small in size but interesting with culture performances from around PNG.
"Sepik Crocodile Festival"
Crocodile festival is held in the month of August. Normally before the Mt. Hagen show and advise travel agents and tour operators to seek information from local operators before booking.
"Hiri Moale Festival"
Hiri Moale Festival is held in the month of September and coincides with PNG Independence celebrations. It is held in Port Moresby.

"Kalam Festival"
Kalam Festival is held in Simbai soon after the Goroka Show. The show goes on for 2 days. Its a mini show organised by a particular culture group that involves initiation with young boys and girls, mass pig killing, traditional dance and village study. It is in a remote setting and the only way to get there is by charter or on scheduled flights by smaller aircrafts.