Other Festivals

Apart from Mt. Hagen & Goroka culture shows, a number of provinces run their own shows as well.  They are Morobe Culture show  in October, Mask festival  (Rabaul ) in July while Enga show in August.  These festivals are active and held each year as planned. Others are small in size - such as the Sepik Crocondile  festival in Sepik and Kalam festival in Simbai.

Paiya tours is able to put together programs coincided with the shows mentioned. We are able to include birding, trekking,  culture & village study especially in the Highlands. 
"Enga Culture show".
Enga culture show is also an annual event. It is held in the month of August, a week prior to the Mt. Hagen show. The show is small in size but interesting with culture performances from around PNG.
"Kalam Festival"
Kalam Festival is held in Simbai soon after the Goroka Show. The show goes on for 2 days. Its a mini show organised by a particular culture group that involves initiation with young boys and girls, mass pig killing, traditional dance and village study. It is in a remote setting and the only way to get there is by charter or on scheduled flights by smaller aircrafts.
"Sepik Crocodile Festival"
Crocodile festival is held in the month of August. Normally before the Mt. Hagen show and advise travel agents and tour operators to seek information from local operators before booking.
The Mask Festival is a five-day extravaganza of cultural dancing, ritual performance, display, story-telling and exchange - with a variety of arts and crafts on display. The event take place in Kokopo, East New Britain in July of every year..
Dukduks coming from the sea
Fire Dancers performing
Live crocodiles are on show at the Sepik Crocodile Festival
Sepik Crocodile Festival
Sili Muli Dancers
Popondetta dancing group
Kalam Festivals Performers with Tourist
Kalam Festivals Performers with head decorations