Birds of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are spectacular in their natural beauties and can be fascinating experience to watch. Some species of birds are extrovert; they take pride in their elaborate courtship displays while others are more evasive while others are nocturnal. Part of the fun is trying to locate them in their habitats. Be prepared to stay a while and you are guaranteed to have an encounter with some of the most unique, colorful and endemic species. More than 100 species of birds of PNG can be seen at Magic Mountain and nearby locations. The National bird is Ragianna bird of Paradise which is red in color and can be found in the lowlands of the Highlands and PNG, some are extinct and ample time required to search and locate them.

Some of the unique species that you would expect to see while in Mt. Hagen are: Regianna bird of paradise, Blue bird of paradise, Lesser bird of paradise, Superb bird of paradise, parrots, black seagull, King of Saxony and other endangered species. 
Papua New Guinea is home to many plants and animals not found anywhere else on earth. Thirty-eight (38) of the 43 known birds of paradise are found in Papua New Guinea. They are an important part of our natural heritage.
King of Saxony Bird of Paradise
Blue Bird of Paradise
Regiana Bird of Paradise
Lesser Bird of Paradise
Stephanie Bird of Paradise
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