Trekking Mt. Giluwe & Mt. Wilhelm
Trekking in Papua New Guinea is sometimes difficult because of high mountains, rugged terrains, impenetrable rainforests, fast flowing rivers and deep valleys, but exciting, fun and challenging in a cool temperature of around 10/12 degree Celsius.  Mt. Giluwe (4368m) second highest after Mt. Wilhelm (4509m) and Mt Hagen 3800 meters above sea level. 
The three (3) mountains are located in the central Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Mt. Wilhelm  sharing boarders with Madang & Goroka while Mt. Giluwe with Southern Highlands. Mt. Wilhelm being the highest in PNG while Mt. Giluwe is one of the 7th volcanic summits and Mt. Hagen being popular locally because of Mt. Hagen town named after Mountain Hagen. The three (3) mountains are special and icons of PNG. Their settings are so dynamic with pristine rain forest, the grassland and the natures there are quite amazing. An opportunity to explore the three (3) mountains while in PNG.
We encourage hikers to climb Mt. Hagen for acclimatization purposes in order to avoid mountain sickness.

Most of the trek routes are graded high moderate


A beautiful view from the summit overlooking Mt. Hagen and Nebilyer Valley is guaranteed and this should excite photographers and adventurers. 
Looking further north is Enga Province which can be viewed after 3 hours walk through the ridge. Strong wind blows around the summit and trekkers must take precaution in case they fall off the ridges. After satisfying all the natures and beauties up in the mountain, descend to base camp – Magic Mountain Nature lodge or option to overnight and return next day.  Rated: Highto moderate

. Transfer to Kargoba, an old high altitude agriculture research station on a 4 wheel drive and walk through the grassland trails and eventually into the forest and overnight at the foot of the mountain. The night becomes difficult because of cold temperatures and it can be uncomfortable in the traditional huts. This is an opportunity to acclimatize to the altitude. Extra warm clothing, your sleeping bag and an open log fire should keep you warm and comfortable. Take an early morning hike up the steep mountain face towards the ridges that lead to the summit. This is highly adventurous and an experience to relish. Tracks to the summit are sometimes difficult and it is wise to seek local advice. In the afternoon, return to base camp and if time permits, walk back to Kargoba and on to a waiting vehicle to Magic Mountain.  Rated: High to Moderate
Mt. Giluwe
Mt. Wilhelm