Goroka & Paiya Shows

Program for 2023 provided bellow. – Goroka show coincides with Sepik adventure tour, Mt. Hagen  & Rabaul.
Sepik is famous for its waterways along the mighty Sepik River which runs over 550 miles from Irian Jaya border to the Bismarck Sea.  The natives of Sepik who settle along the Sepik River maintain live in a traditional lifestyle. Farming, fishing and hunting are daily activities.  Each village is unique in nature and culture.  The tour to Sepik becomes an unforgettable experience when tourists interact with the locals and learn from them. The famous icon is the Sepik Haus Tambran- Sepik spirit house, and carvings.

While in the Highlands; you will enjoy beautiful sceneries, towering mountain terrains, fast flowing rivers, great valleys, waterfalls and of course the people and their rich cultures.  Tourists will enjoy more if they decide to adventure further in to the remote.
Your continued journey to volcanic sites, war relics and villages around Rabaul would be an advantage to discover while in PNG. Life style and environment there is quite different to the Highlands and Sepik
Goroka Mudmen performaing at the show
Welda group getting ready to perform
Sili Muli of Enga
Performers from Chuave
Culture group performing
Hagen wigman performing
* Pre-packaged itineraries are subject to change depending on tourist's interest.

* We are able to put together customised packages.