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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a land of many tribes and ethnic groups with over 800 different cultures and languages.  The multiplicity of cultures and languages reflect the harsh facts of geography.  Its natural forest, exotic plants and animals are so abundant including the world's famous birds of paradise makes PNG truly a land of dramatic and contrast for experience and adventure.

Tourism in PNG is still at an infant stage, slowly advancing with its infrastructure while at the same time educating people to know the importance of tourism in PNG. 
The renowned Mt. Hagen & Goroka shows, specials on Birds of paradise, hiking the 07th volcanic summit – Mt. Giluwe, diving & surfing are unique icons of stimulating tourism in PNG.  Paiya Tours offers pre-packaged and customized itineraries around these.   

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* Pre-packaged itineraries are subject to change depending on tourist's interest.

* We are able to put together customised packages.